Taken by one of my all-time favorite* Flickr contributors, katherine of chicago (see also, and). The oval windows are really the crowning touch. In comments, she writes: “I like this station because it’s different, I mean the restored (or replica) old-fashioned ones are nice but I get tired of those….” One of the things I like about Chicago’s middle-aged suburbs – take, for example, Harlem Ave. south of Oak Park – is the architecture; the heterogenous, slighly berserk 60s-80s development can be sort of freeing (cf. Learning from Las Vegas***).

* For any number of reasons, but entitling this photo “this was probably supposed to be cheerful”; this; “I have a weakness for vacuum-formed and first-name signs”; HOLY SHIT HOW DID I MISS THIS HOUSE** I USED TO LIVE THERE. 

**Errol Kirsh? Passive solar? I must investigate.