Apologies for the nonexistent posting today; overtaken by events, meetings, and posting our Chicago International Film Festival guide, which you should avail yourself of. I’m most interested in 24 City (“the disastrous effects of unchecked capitalism may be the most urgent contemporary theme in movies”), Gomorrah (at least do it for Roberto Saviano, the co-screenwriter and journalist who now lives in hiding), and the gorgeous Fear(s) of the Dark. Although I think W. might take precedence. Sorry, I liked Nixon.

Following up on some of my recent thoughts on the likely future president, do read Ben Dueholm’s “Defining Hope Up”: “to drive the machinery of a modern bureaucratic state with any decisiveness and deliberateness requires an ingenuity and opportunism (in the best sense) that no task I’ve ever known of calls for.”

Long day, not a lot to show for it, though it does turn out I have a 401(k). I hadn’t realized that (I’m more interested in macroeconomics than my bank account; the former is guaranteed to exist). So it’s almost like I didn’t lose any money. Here’s a great picture by Brian Hagy that seemed, out of the Reader pool, the most like my day.