SFmoe has some lovely shots of the annual Air and Water Show practice runs.

Brendan at the wonderful Where blog writes: “Listening to the roar of the jets flying overhead, I feel a bit on edge…I have to wonder if an event like this has some sort of subtle psychological effect on people.” I used to feel this way, particularly when we were closer to 9/11, when anything terrible seemed possible, and I worked in a large-windowed building along the Ike, but here in the Web editor bunker I can neither hear nor see anything of the city. Now any mixed emotions I have towards the event has to do with admittedly out-there idea that it might represent a gauche militarism-lite-as-entertainment (I occasionally feel the same way about fireworks), but there’s a part of me that’s vividly, childishly awestruck. This weekend’s a good time to read Tom Wolfe’s entertaining The Right Stuff, the new One Book, One Chicago selection; the movie‘s pretty good, too.

*The Mountain Goats, “Quito”; a reference to John Magee’s “High Flight.”