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On June 20, our 2013 Best of Chicago issue hits the stands and lots of the things you (and we) think made Chicago great this year will be honored. It’s going to be good. We promise. In the meantime, we want readers to think more abstractly about what’s best in our city. Or at least more visually.

Show us YOUR Best of Chicago, as imagined on Instagram. Using the tag #bestofchi (our all-purpose tag on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook now, I suppose), share pictures you think represent a best aspect of the city. Yeah, the skyline’s great, but be creative. Submissions that use the Kelvin filter will automatically be disqualified (just kidding).

We’re going to pick a favorite, and the winner gets a pair of three-day passes to Pitchfork. The three-day passes that are otherwise sold out.

Take a peek at last year’s gallery for inspiration.

Other things:
— Tickets to our June 27 Best of Chicago Bash at Metro are on sale now (and they’re only $12 for the next two days). Celebrate with the winners and runners-up while Twin Peaks, Nootka Sound, and DJ E-SIX of the Crossfader Kings make music.
— We’re going to roll out a dozen winners in advance of the issue’s publication, but to find out who they are you have to follow us on Twitter. So if you’re not already doing that, you should: @Chicago_Reader.