Look, I actually like Fall Out Boy. Maybe not the new record so much, but I’m far from a hater or anything. I do know that a lot of people have some very strong negative feelings for the band. So if you are one of them and you have Halo 3 and an Xbox Live account, you can log in Friday between 4 and 6 PM, eastern time, and look for users FallOutBoyAndy and FallOutBoyJoe, who in real life are named Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman and play in Fall Out Boy. Once you find them you can shoot them with however many kinds of guns Halo 3 offers, and you won’t have to go to jail for it. I believe there are also grenades available. Hopefully the catharsis you find in the experience will keep you from having to post things like “Ugh, I what is up with this emo music?” on the Internet for a while.

Note: There is as of yet no legal public opportunity for shooting at Pete Wentz. If you see any Fall Out Boys in real life, do not shoot at them. That would be a serious dick move.