* The smartest, pithiest thing anyone’s said about this controversy comes from . . . Mayor Daley? I’m paraphrasing, because I saw it on the news last night and can’t find the quote, but the gist is: any politician who said what Imus said would be meat; why can’t journalists apply the same standards to other people in the media? Anyway, somebody get that man a blog.

* The normally reasonable Eric Zorn thinks this . . .

 . . . is mob rule. Hmm.

Caveat: It’s apparently not “mob rule” if the powers that be haven’t made their decision. Once they have, it’s our job to accept the decision and be quiet, since we live in a democracy. Or if it’s a group of 500 or more it’s a mob. I had trouble parsing his argument. Anyway, please keep your protests to ten or fewer so as not to shake the foundations of the rich, diverse democracy that is corporate media.

* Other members of the unruly mob calling for Imus’s head: Barack Obama, former NAACP head Bruce Gordon, the National Organization for Women, Rev. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Newsday sports columnist Johnette Howard, numerous major advertisers, Al Roker.

* Important people in Imus’s corner, far above the unwashed mob: John McCain and Mike Huckabee , as well as prominent Washington journalists like Fred Barnes, Paul Begala, Tom Oliphant, and Howard Fineman.      

* Mary Mitchell argues that the “mob” outside the NBC building (and those that have joined it on the street, the airwaves, and the Internet) are the only reason Imus got punished at all.