Maybe it’s the fact that it’s dark out by five o’clock right now, or maybe it’s the fact that I’m still a goth kid at heart, but lately when I’m not listening to things for work I’m listening almost exclusively to music that begs for the descriptor “nocturnal”—deep, chasmic reverb and deep, dark bass and someone singing and/or rapping about deep emotional things. So obviously a lot of mixtape R&B and Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools (Drank)” more or less on repeat.

I’ve also been listening a lot to Super Ultra, the second mixtape by British electro-pop boundary pusher Charli XCX. It’s short but ambitious, pairing the singer’s undeniable Legitimate Pop Star aura with sounds dredged up from rather obscure parts of the electronic-music underground. It’s not always successful. Track one, for instance, features a rap by Internet personality and Grimes video star Brooke Candy that makes me wish it was somehow physically possible to pick her rap up with my hands and throw it out a window.

But when it hits its marks it really, really works. After the jump you can listen to “Forgiveness,” an electro heartbreak ballad that’s as repeat-worthy as the night is long.