So either half the rappers in town got together and decided to just take over October, or else it’s just a coincidence that they’ve all clogging the Internets with new stuff. Either way, it’s a pretty nice situation.

Hollywood Holt’s following up on his unexpectedly blown-up tribute to the moped lifestyle with a full-length mix tape, available as a free download at his new site. He’s got the energy and attention span of a Ritalin-amped six year old, and bounces from Dirty South-style ringtone joints to neo-hip-house club tracks to throwback shit that can remind you of a time when LL Cool J wasn’t a complete embarrassment. There’s not a lot of nuance going on here, but it’s a partywrecker, and who wants to think about stuff at a party?

Vice has more good-times rap from Kid Sister on a Sinden remix of Chromeo’s “Tenderoni.” That latest Chromeo album is near the top of my “most listened” list for the year, Sinden consistently slays with his remix work, and Kid Sister is pure fun, so if someone wants to blend it all up into one big hedonistic electro-funk mess, that’s fine by me.

The Cool Kids just dropped their new video for “Black Mags,” strengthening the connection between Chicago rappers and unconventional forms of transportation. In this case it’s BMX bikes, but they throw in some mopeds to keep themselves covered. I was given “Black Mags” while I was working on my Cool Kids column, and somehow without my noticing it’s gone from being my least favorite of their songs to maybe my most favorite. The video looks completely professional. We’ll see how it competes with the moped hit.