It’s not too late to vote early. Chicago voters can vote until 5 PM today, or between 9 AM and 5 PM tomorrow, the final day for early voting. Every ward has a polling place, and there’s one downtown at the Board of Elections, 69 W. Washington. Chicagoans can vote at any of these sites, no matter where they live.

For a hint on the shortest lines, the Board of Elections offers this tabulation of early voting thus far in the various polling places. Through October 27, Davis Square Park, in the 15th Ward at 4430 S. Marshfield, had the least ballots cast: 274. Mt. Greenwood Park, in the 19th Ward at 3721 W. 111th, led the neighborhood polling places in ballots cast, with 3,172. At the Board of Elections, 9,982 ballots had been cast, but that site also has the most personnel and equipment.

The deadline for registering to vote was October 9, but those who missed it can still register and vote, because of a grace period that also ends Saturday. Grace-period registration is at 69 W. Washington.