Vyle’s been hanging around the city’s so-called “hipster rap” scene (how is it that we don’t have a better term for that yet?) basically since there was such a thing, but he’s yet to find much recognition outside it. Lucky for him one of his biggest fans is Brooklyn-based producer Eliot Lipp, who’s made a good name for himself with his well-designed electro jams.

The pair have been working together for a while, and they recently gave their collaboration a name, Auburn; a new single is available as a free download here. “Arrivals/Departures (Pyramid Angle)” blends Lipp’s signature electro/techno style with vintage g-funk, and the results are worthy of repeat listening. The shuddering percussion and gothic synth-gospel beat behind “Ultramodern Verandah,” on the other hand, prove that we’re nearing the day when there’s a genre called “kanye.”

Vyle hosts a release party next Friday at Beauty Bar with DJs Rob Threezy, Young Live, and Jaydavid. He’ll also screen the video for “Ultramodern Verandah,” which you can see a sample of after the jump.