The American music industry hardly has a reputation for sane, prudent behavior, but compared to the British biz it looks almost dangerously sober. Brits seem to get off on the process of creating and absorbing hype at least as much as they do on actually listening to the music they’re hyping. The NME and Melody Maker read like the journals of a 13-year-old kid just discovering good music, every week declaring a new Best Band of All Time and fretting over what the dudes from the Horrors’ new haircuts really mean. British artists love to write songs about this ridiculous process, and then the media freaks out for a minute, creating a postmodern ourobouros that Thomas Pynchon would have a hard time untangling.

Every half-decent British punk band has a good song about how the record industry is shite, and you can count Daisy Chainsaw among them if your rules allow 90s grunge-punk. The snarling “Love Your Money” was a sugary ball of snot hocked at the hype machine, and it was catchy enough that they were soon the very sort of It Band that they seemed to resent. Later on they broke up.

At some point before that, though, they played the song live on The Word, and it pretty much ruled. Video after the jump.