What a morning:

1. Drove to the Walgreens clinic (didn’t know such a thing existed, but it seems clever) because my wife had a possible case of strep, and the student care clinic said to come in on Monday. Which is not the first time she’s been told to ride it out over a weekend; the last time, it was a broken arm. Non-emergency care: UR DOIN IT WRONG.

2. En route, saw someone get hit by a car.

3. Was honked at (!) and given the finger (!!) when we stopped to call 911.

On the other hand, the fire truck was there in about a minute or two, and the ambulance was there a minute or two later. I know it makes me sound like a wide-eyed innocent, but the existence of those systems—which can have an intersection cleared and a victim immobilized in a few moments—screwed up bureaucratically or not, always seems like a small miracle when I see it in action, especially compared to, like, everything else I saw this morning.