Just because some fools say you’re not allowed to wear white shoes for the rest of the year and the temperature’s dropping and your mold allergies are going nuts, it doesn’t mean it’s time to hang up your party pants. If you’ve got the itch to shake ass this weekend, here are a few recent floor fillers to help you get things going.

If you’re not the type of person with a half dozen or so electro/blog-house sites in your RSS feed, you might not know about Ladyhawke (not to be confused with Ladyhawk), but she’s the hot new business with the shutter-shades kids. Her regular stuff is OK, if a little samey, but the Canyons remix of her track “Dusk to Dawn” is a nasty blend of disco and harshed-out garage rock that no one else is messing with right now. If a band got together just to rip off that sound I’d go see them every week.

Santogold and Diplo’s Top Ranking mix tape picked up a lot of buzz off their slightly reworked Clash cover, “Guns of Brooklyn,” but the real fire is in the Esau Mwamwaya/Santogold/M.I.A track, “Get It Up.” The Radioclit remix is a slow burner that balances a little electro groove with a lot of African drumming and chanting, which will fit real nice next to my current cross-cultural obsessions Chief Boima and Afrikan Boy.

Right now, Vein’s “Get Up Stand Up” tops my list of most slept-on singles of 2008. People love robot voices, and people love songs that reference songs they already know, so I can’t guess what the deal is with this not being a monster summer jam. Maybe Pitbull’s cameo is scaring off the reggaetonphobes?

On one end of the 90s-retro tip, DJ wunderkinder and current Jessica Hopper obsession the Martinez Brothers have a new mix that can transport you back to a time when the phrase “progressive house” didn’t automatically make you think “surrounded by horrible douchebags.” It’s a little mellow by current club standards, but with a trillion bedroom producers out there trying to out-distort Justice, mellow is kind of a nice change.

And if your idea of 90s nostalgia is more flannel than JNCOs, grab Nick Catchdubs’s Radio Friendly Unit Shifter mix tape, where America’s Friendliest DJ does his best imitation of your local alternative station’s retro lunch-hour jam. Just make sure your iChat status isn’t set to “Current iTunes Song” unless you want people beeping at you to ask if you’re really listening to “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver.”