Someone forgot about never forgetting, because it’s 9/11 and Twitter, or at least the parts of it I can see, seems to have been taken over by #mashedbandnames (or alternately #mashedupbandnames), an Internet update on the old record-geek game of combining band names to humorous and, optimally, musically perverse ends. “KMFDMinem” seems to be a popular one, for instance. I’m impressed by the sheer length of “baby huey lewis and the new boyz II men at work,” and “Tracy and the Plastic Bertrand” is pleasingly obscure. “Katrina and the Wavves” gets me too, even though I know it’s cheap.

Unsurprisingly, STV SLV of mashup makers the Hood Internet has been all over this, and he’s definitely exploring the outer limits of good taste and acceptable punniness. “Mr. Lif-ter Puller” is pretty good. “Mastadonald Fagen” is fully genius. However I am convinced that he is going to hell for “Paul Wester-Yung-Berg.” There are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed—some things that should stay un-Twittered—and that is one of them.