It’s been four years since the psych-laced spaceship-rock duo of Steve Moore and Anthony Paterra put out a full-length Zombi record. But devotees to the band’s canon—which features synth symphonies fueled by crisp but hypnotic drumming—will be wholly satisfied by the pair of tracks that Zombi’s released in advance of the upcoming arrival of their next LP, Shape Shift. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Mission Creep”—the follow-up to “Pillars of the Dawn,” which was dropped last month—is a sprinting dirge, in that you feel like you’re running in a hamster wheel toward an unattainable Dune-like mirage. Tied tight by a looping and eternally zapping synth line, the track also includes the flittering drumming of Paterra as he shoots around his set in a calculated but frenetic way while Moore cuts through it all with a hot bass line. Look for the album, which will be released on Relapse on October 16; and look for Zombi at the Empty Bottle on November 5 when they headline a show with Pinkish Black.