• Transporteur

We’ve written about local trio Bitchin Bajas a few times before, including a 12 O’Clock Track write-up, but I’m going to drop another nooner for this band because their music only seems to be getting better and headier. On “Marimba,” off of the Transporteur EP (out May 4 on Hands in the Dark), percolating synth notes pitter-patter in repetitive, circular patterns while woody flutes flutter on top; at just over nine minutes long, the song is the kind of stoner library music perfect for spacing out or zoning in, depending on your wavelength. Bitchin Bajas released a kick-ass self-titled album on Drag City last year, but “Marimba” augurs even better music in the future. The band plays two shows in May: one on May 7 for the University of Chicago WHPK’s Pictures and Sounds Series, and one on May 24 at Beach House Gallery (CCR Headcleaner, Running, and ADT open). Oh, and listen to “Marimba” below.