Zoolander 2

Movies transport us to a land of fantasy and make believe, which is why there’s a new comedy about a 50-year-old runway model; Zoolander No. 2 opens today. And check out our new reviews of: Arabian Nights, a trilogy of dramatic features that use the classic folktale collection One Thousand and One Nights to explore economic tumult in Portugal; Bridgend, a drama based on a real-life epidemic of teen suicides in Wales; Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds as a Marvel superhero; Hail, Caesar!, a Hollywood farce by Joel and Ethan Coen; How to Be Single, a paean to being young, female, and possessed of a fabulous Manhattan apartment . . .

In the Shadow of Women

. . . In the Shadow of Women, a French drama of infidelity by Philippe Garrel; Misconception, a chronicle of natural childbirth by the American experimental filmmaker Marjorie Keller; Mustang, a Turkish drama about five orphaned sisters navigating a patriarchal society; Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, an adaptation of the best-selling parody novel; Wednesday, May 9, an Iranian debut feature about a philanthropist whose public offer of free money brings a crowd to his door; and Where to Invade Next, in which Michael Moore reminds us how poorly the U.S. government serves its people relative to other countries.


Best bets for repertory: Martin Scorsese’s The Age of Innocence (1993), Friday and Sunday at University of Chicago Doc Films; Michael Curtiz’s Casablanca (1942), Saturday at Music Box; Andy Warhol’s The Chelsea Girls (1966), Saturday at Northwestern University Block Museum of Art; Fred Astaire and Judy Garland in Easter Parade (1948), Monday at Doc; Masaki Kobayashi’s Kwaidan (1965), Thursday at Doc; Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho (1990), Wednesday at Northeastern Illinois University Auditorium; Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride (1987), Saturday at Music Box; Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer (2014), Thursday at Doc; and Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting (1996), Wednesday at Music Box.