I’m a winner, baby. Credit: Chuan Xu/Unsplash

The International Cat Association (TICA) presents Chicago: Feline Infurno, the 41st annual cat show hosted by TICA and a chance to view at least 400 registered cats ready for judging (yes, it’s usually the other way around, but at a cat show, people judge the cats). Rare breeds like the Lykoi (also known as the “werewolf cat”) and the Selkirk Rex (the curly cat) will be living in relative harmony (more accurately, being kept happy in their individual cat corners with plenty of treats) with favorites like British Shorthairs and Ragdolls. In addition to the cat competition, plenty of vendors will be on hand to sell you catnip goodies and the latest in feline fashion. It’s at the Hilton Chicago (720 S. Michigan Ave.) from 9 AM-5 PM and registration is required for entry. Check out the TICA website to register and get more details. (SCJ)

It’s that special time of year: when ZINEMercado takes over Comfort Station (2579 N. Milwaukee) in Logan Square. From 11 AM-5 PM, nearly 40 vendors will be selling DIY publications (zines, comics, etc.) and artwork. Styles and perspectives always run the gamut, making this a visual feast of ideas that celebrates the unique depth and diversity of Chicago’s zine community. It’s free and outside in a very walkable part of town, so why spend your Sunday doing anything else? (MC)

The Hardcore Hearse Club car enthusiasts organization presents a day of oddities in Avondale along with the help of the Alley (2620 W. Fletcher), longtime Chicago purveyors of oddities and gear for goths and friends. From noon-7 PM today, visit the store for special visits from a DC comics writer and the actual Batmobile used in the Tim Burton-directed Batman series. Stick around for giveaways and special local vendor pop-ups. More information is available at the Alley’s Facebook page. (SCJ)

Living the mod vs. rockers fantasy? Kick it up a notch and attend today’s Amplified Chicago, a scooter rally and dance party hosted by All Mod Chicago in honor of this weekend’s Slaughterhouse (a yearly scooter enthusiast gathering that invites Vespa lovers and others to Chicagoland each Labor Day weekend). DJs including All Mod Debbie and Eric from FCS Sound System will offer soul, R&B, ska, garage, and more, and drinks will be flowing from the bar. It all goes down from 2-5 PM today at Golden Dagger (2447 N. Halsted). 21+ please, and proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be requested. (SCJ)