Quimby's Bookstore Credit: Pat Loika/Flickr

Free Comic Book Day is upon us again! The 17th annual celebration of independent comic book stores happens on Saturday, May 4, and promises plenty of local programming (and, more importantly, free issues of select comic books). The official website at freecomicbookday.com/catalog lists all the titles that may be available for free. Individual stores are free to make their own rules, so don’t go in thinking you’re going to walk out with a wheelbarrow full of titles. Some stores, like Challengers on Western, will have a day full of in-store appearances by local artists and illustrators. And parents who are interested in teaching their children the value of the disco nap can haul out the family at midnight to be first in line when Chimera’s in Oak Lawn opens. Some of the stores listed will be open but not necessarily participating in the official Free Comic Book Day proceedings, so be sure to call ahead or check out the store’s websites to see what they are planning.   v