Credit: Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

Break ups suck! Do you have a break up playlist, TV show, book or any other break up ritual you practice during a heartbreak? Tag us with the #BreakupRituals hashtag for a chance to be published in our special Feb. 13 issue! #TindeRinPrint

OnTour Magazine @ontourmag
I allow myself one day of this nonsense. Watch-High Fidelity. Listen-Tom Waits. Drink-Chillable Red (a Franzia Production) Eat-The Dorito shards that slipped between couch cushions. #Breakuprituals #stayclassy

Layne Dixon @DefinitelyLayne
Read my tarot, pull the The Tower, cringe, nod knowingly, look at my dog like “you seeing this?”, call my mom for the 7th time that day, journal about The Tower, lay down in the shower, lean into acceptance, repeat.
+ anything by @ilovelucius #BreakupRituals

Brianna Wellen @BriannaWellen
I love buying a bottle of wine, ordering diner food in, and putting on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (and living vicariously through Rebecca Bunch) cc: @Racheldoesstuff #BreakupRituals

katelyn harper @kharpersays
Breakups indeed suck but good jams can help ease your pain. After mine, I created “but first, forgiveness,” a playlist to help myself move on and to remember hate doesn’t get you very far. #BreakupRituals

mark snyder @marksny08058756
“There’s a thorn tree in the garden”, the last track off the “Layla” LP

Carmen @_carmsolo
Lean in hard to heartbreak w/ Dismemberment Plan’s “Time Bomb”, Cafe Tacvba’s “Avientame”, “Waiting Game” by Banks and a whole lotta cat power. I make sure I take a strip of swollen photobooth pics in a bar w/scotch. #BreakupRituals

miranda @pitymeforever
gotta get away from anything that reminds me of any man i’ve ever dated so first i listen to every frankie cosmos release on bandcamp then pick a christopher nolan movie to watch based on level of devastation #BreakupRituals

Karen Hawkins @ChiefRebelle
#BreakupRituals in no particular order:
-Watch Sense & Sensibility for the trillionth time
-Re-read a “You’re Gonna Be OK, Boo” letter I wrote to myself years ago for when relationship ish goes south
-Listen to @OfficialMeshell’s album Bitter on repeat

Tongue Tied Turtle @zachsparkyt
My #BreakupRituals is pretty simple; @Alanis “Jagged Little Pill” full volume on repeat, and do the screaming and anger into a pillow as to not disturb the neighbors.My ultimate cathartic pissed off album.

paige blockiana the 2nd @lee_thirty
#BreakupRituals I made a whole playlist of autotuned heartbreak songs inspired by 808s and heartbreak by Kanye it’s a very comforting winter experience lol maybe not for everyone but it helps me cope while also wanting to sing & dance

Jack Shales @jackshales
I wrote and recorded breakup songs in Chicago a couple years ago. Writing and playing them helped me get over a 7-year relationship that ended suddenly #BreakupRituals

Janaya @janayagr
I go see SEVERAL movies. Live in a theater for a few days and listen to Mariah Carey to remember my badassery. #BreakUpRituals

Sue Kwong @sue_kwong
My #BreakupRituals: delete records of the person from social media (or mute them), and my physical journal. It’s cathartic to cross thoughts out. Boi, bye.

At the end of the day, no one is more reliable than my femme friends. So I’ll spend at least an afternoon w/ them; watch Daria, Studio Ghibli movies (or MARATHON on a weekend); cook or share comfort foods. I recommend pizza or Chinese.

PSA #BreakupRituals: avoid sensitive time with heterosexual people of opposite gender. Chances are they have romantic interests. Bois, bye.

wholesome content farm @lefttheprairie
The most powerful heartbreak healing magic was when @yo_uterus and I baked a cake while listening to Taylor Swift’s Red and talking about Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman. We only did it once but it’s sustained me through the last 7 years of singledom and dating #breakuprituals

Nidhi M @Nidhi_Ehm
Law & Order: SVU reruns #BreakupRituals

Audrey HepBurn Everything @noveldeadbeat
I listen to “You’re Not the One” by Sky Ferreira on repeat. It’s worked for the last 6-7 years   v