Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

“I want all the kids to be super cool!” says Aisha Burris, owner of Kool Kidz 2144 in Beverly. The 23-year-old opened the children’s clothing store in December 2018. Burris says that after getting pregnant as a teen, she didn’t want to be a statistic. “I wanted better for my son, for myself. I wanted the young girls to know that just because you have a baby young, your life is not over.”

Aisha Burris
Aisha BurrisCredit: Isa Giallorenzo

The shop’s aesthetic—whimsical yet tasteful, not shying away from minimalism and dark hues—is in tune with the latest children’s decor. There’s a mini Pac-Man arcade game, a neon “Support your local girl gang” sign, and black walls covered with chalk drawings. Kids can enjoy the play area or help their parents shop for jeans with all kinds of finishes and details, like frayed hems and motocross-style panels. Burris buys denim pants, skirts, and shorts ($30) and jackets ($40) in Los Angeles from brands like Hayden Girls and Haus of JR. Stylish sneakers ($75) are among the best sellers. The shop also sells a few locally made products, such as Beyoncé T-shirts (featuring the singer’s face, $20) and “Lil Geek” hoodies ($80).

Kool Kidz joins a cluster of small local boutiques on 95th Street that have become shopping destinations for fashion enthusiasts: Curve Culture (plus sizes), Dez DeMe House of Styles (fashion-forward garments), and Fashion Geek (sportswear). Burris says it was always her dream to bring something to her neighborhood that was not only high-end, but also affordable. “We deserve that,” she says.  v