Credit: Dean Fisher
Credit: Dean Fisher

These days, pretty much everything can be done online. Even some thrift stores are running digital auction sites, which is great for those who don’t have time to scour secondhand stores. Kristen Unger, a public relations specialist for Kimpton Hotels, happens to be one of those very busy people, so when she recently moved into a two-bedroom apartment in Wicker Park, she hopped online between client meetings to find great decorating deals.

Her living room is a cozy testament to the sweet scores that can be found with the click of a mouse. For example, Unger came up with a clever solution to jazz up her simple white sofa—she draped it with a vintage Afghani rug that she won on eBay for $60. Not only does this look sophisticated and offer great pattern and texture, but it makes it super easy to clean (pet owners take note!).

The $30 lamp and the $100 coffee table were ordered from the sale sections of and, respectively. Popular retailers often have a larger selection of discounted items on their websites, and you can sign up to receive e-mails in advance of the sales.

When Unger vacations, she makes a point to hit up out-of-state thrift and antique stores. She accented her coffee table with a trio of ceramic dogs and a silver sailboat found at a flea market in Lexington, Kentucky, both for under $5, and the mirrored tray was discovered “somewhere in Wisconsin” for $3.

Unger is so skilled at scoring online, she even found her dog, Sadie, on a rescue website. I think it’s safe to say Sadie’s probably the best online score she’s found yet! —Dean Fisher