Estefania Galvan Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

At the end of April, The Curio and the Chicago Fashion Coalition joined forces to promote a networking event for the local fashion crowd at Chop Shop in Wicker Park. The turnout was truly impressive; so many recognizable names in the fashion scene were there: accessory designer and SAIC faculty member Gillion Carrara; luxury boutique owner Robin Richman; the Chicago Fashion Incubator executive director Anna Hovet Dias; entrepreneur Amanda Harth; and on and on and on. The party room was packed, the music was blasting, and the spirits were high. There was an obvious post-COVID excitement in the air, filled with hope, plans, and plenty of number exchanges. 

The main orchestrator of the gathering was New York transplant Ian Gerard, the co-founder and principal of The Curio. According to Gerard, the goal of his recently launched enterprise is to “bring people together around their passions for fashion, art, film, food, and music.” “We are starting by showcasing the best Chicago fashion talent for both Chicagoans and for a national consumer audience, as well as elevating the Chicago fashion community in the eyes of the city and nation. We are working in collaboration with most existing Chicago fashion organizations, and hopefully soon [local officials themselves], to successfully achieve this,” explains Gerard, who intends to throw a large-scale fashion show this fall. 

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Christopher Reavley Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

With so many guests dressed to impress, two young fashion designers stood out thanks to their dashing style topped off by colorful wide-brimmed hats: Estefania Galvan, 28, and Christopher Reavley, 27. Galvan is a petite powerhouse hailing from Colombia, whose brand MŌS she accurately describes as “elegant but never boring.” Her clothes have a classic and tailored feel, but always with a fun extra detail—such as the printed lining of her jacket, or her versatile trousers with an optional fastening at the hem. Reavley is a precocious talent who started sewing in his mid-teens, when he was given a sewing machine by one of his father’s employees. “I flew off from there, self-taught,” he says. Six years ago he started his own line—CR Collection—and now designs for a glitzy clientele from Chicago and New York.

Both designers will be showcasing their collections next month. Galvan will be celebrating the first anniversary of her brand with Garden of the Elements, which she calls “a multi-sensorial immersive fashion show.” The event, scheduled for June 25, will feature not only her creations, but also mixed media arts, live music and performances, augmented reality, and more. As for Reavley, his annual fashion show (this year titled “The Art of Wealth”) is scheduled for June and will feature 30 pieces in which, according to him, “classy meets edgy.” Reavley’s customized tuxedo jacket, with ripped sleeves and a rhinestone Chanel brooch on the lapel, says it all.

MŌS presents Garden of the Elements, Sat 6/25, 8 PM, 1010 W. 35th, Suite 500, $35-$120, tickets and more information at and Instagram
CR Collection presents The Art of Wealth, Fri 6/17, 6 PM, Chicago Hotel Collection, 166 E. Superior, $60-$105, tickets at, more information at and Instagram