Credit: Salem Collo-Julin

Sitting here drinking from my Grandpa cup (which actually did belong to my grandfather at one point), I realize that it’s been a week of hearing a lot of other people’s opinions about locations that are blocks from my house. And you probably have your own opinions about locations just blocks from my house. Right now, all I feel like doing is listening to music, saying hi to my neighbors, pointing you in the direction of some back-to-school supply drives, and walking my dog. I hope that you’re taking care of yourself and loving your neighbors, and I hope that you realize that there’s a bunch of people in this city who are just trying to do the same, despite what you might hear from people who don’t live in Chicago.

And for those interested in the school supplies thing, TGiMovement (that stands for tranquility, gratitude, and innovation), a Chicago organization supporting the success of youth, has been collaborating with the group GoodKids MadCity to gather supplies and financial donations for a Back to School Crusade and Drive (Through) that will happen on Saturday, August 29 on the south side. Go to TGiMovement’s Facebook page to see a list of needed supplies and to find out how you can make a financial donation to both groups.

Sunset from a south-side backyard
Sunset from a south-side backyardCredit: Salem Collo-Julin

Look at and listen:

  • Les Rita Mitsouko was huge in their native France, but maybe you’ve never heard of them? In 1990, the Reader’s Jonathan Rosenbaum singled out their fun music video for their 1986 song “C’est Comme Ça” in review of an otherwise comme ci comme ça-sounding music video screening series showing then at the Film Center (which we now know as the Siskel Film Center). Anyhow, I love both the song and the video:
  • Check out this photo essay from a bicycle-led ride for justice through the South Chicago neighborhood and the southeast side.
  • Home/Land, a 2012 theatrical production written by the teen ensemble at Albany Park Theater Project, is viewable on Vimeo.

In-person and virtual events coming up:

  • Plant Chicago hosts a farmer’s market every Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM, in Back of the Yards’s Davis Square Park.
  • “Fantastic Stranger” is an online group exhibition of portraiture curated by Sophia Cosmadopoulos for Arts of Life, and on view until Mon 8/31
  • Musicians Ben Billington, Mark Shippy, Daniel Wyche, and Andrew Scott Young livestream a session for Elastic Arts on Tue 8/18.
  • Frank Orrall of Poi Dog Pondering plays two shows for the appropriately socially distanced outdoor summer series at Evanston’s SPACE on Sun 8/22.  v