Support Special Olympics Illinois with your purchase of Illinois Lottery’s “Fat Wallet” Instant Ticket

In 2014, the Illinois Lottery launched the nation’s first specialty lottery ticket benefiting the Special Olympics, the world’s largest sports organization for individuals living with intellectual and physical disabilities. While funds raised from most Illinois Lottery specialty tickets are distributed through grants awarded to numerous organizations working in a specific area, such as veteran’s relief […]

The YWCA and Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline support Chicagoland’s sexual assault survivors

Volunteer as a sexual assault victim advocate, and make a difference in people’s lives when they need it the most. Sexual violence impacts every age group, gender, and community, but for survivors of sexual assault, harassment, or other abuse, finding support can be challenging and, at times, unsafe. That’s where organizations like the YWCA can […]

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Yes, queen!

How about a hot sex tip for Valentine’s Day? In one word, lingerie. The gift that keeps on giving, to both the giftee and possibly (hopefully!) the gifter. It might seem obvious, but it’s so true: the right pieces of intimate apparel can boost your self-confidence and your sense of play—which can make you very […]

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Calling all rat lovers

If you, like me, are a fan of the humble city rat, then the relationship between our fair city and New York is an instructive one. Like all things New York, the allure of America’s biggest city seems to make everything, including its relationship to the quintessential urban rodent, more grandiose. Whether it’s the high-profile […]

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Getting sober and drawing rabbits

“Since I was a little kid, I’ve been drawing rabbits,” said Whitney Wasson. The Chicago-based comics artist and comedian said that rabbits are cute and easy to draw, which were two ideal qualities for their early childhood doodles. “[The drawing] could be terrible, but as long as you [make] long rabbit ears it reads as […]

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The champions of swagger

“We got a lot of swagger. We don’t even have to open our mouths—they just see it,” said Greg Sims, 34. I met Greg and his twin brother Glenn when we attended “Champions of Success,” a panel discussion about the state of the fashion industry in Chicago that happened in November at the Kimpton Gray […]

Elevated Chicago catalyzes equitable development around the city’s transit stations

For much of its history, Chicago was a public transit-friendly town. The first horse-drawn streetcars appeared on State Street in 1859, and by the turn of the century the city had developed complex networks of trains and cable cars. But things changed with the rapid suburban expansion and the popularization of privately owned vehicles in […]

Chicago Family Biking makes biking fun and safer for all ages

Chicago Family Biking is a grassroots coalition of parents, educators, and community organizers who love biking. The group started in 2015 as an online forum and soon began hosting Chicago’s Kidical Mass rides, where families could come and connect with each other while biking through their neighborhoods. Their growth accelerated during the pandemic as more […]

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Let us stare out the windows

Last month, I had the misfortune of catching the Lunchables bus. Have you seen it yet? The windows and doors are obscured by a full-wrap ad that creates the illusion of a stack of crackers, meat, and cheese moving horizontally along the street. I boarded the Lunchables bus and found my window blocked by a […]

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A Night at the Museum, holiday theater, and more

Chance the Rapper’s youth empowerment charity organization, SocialWorks, hosts their annual A Night at the Museum event tonight at the Museum of Science and Industry (5700 S. DuSable Lake Shore Dr.). It’s a family-focused evening that benefits unhoused people and organizations that serve them; guests are invited to support the effort by bringing new and/or […]