Sal Yvat was going for "an Afro-chic-boho vibe," while Don W. wanted to be "very breezy." Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

Looking stylish when faced with extreme heat and thunderstorms is tough. These Pitchfork festivalgoers share how they rose to the challenge.

Sal Yvat and Don W., both 24 (pictured above)

About their looks:

SY: “I really wanted to wear this skirt, which is actually a dress. I was going for an Afro-chic-boho vibe. I found this wicker hat at a thrift store, and I just love yellow right now, so it all worked together.”

DW: “I wanted to be kinda trendy for the festival, but I also wanted to be very breezy, so I went with the oversize tee with the shorts underneath. The T-shirt has little holes in it, so I put a bikini top underneath, which also gives it a pop of color. The hat was practical, because I wanted to cover my hair up in case I sweat it out.”

What makes a good festival outfit?

SY: “It’s all about comfort, and having something where you can put your phone in.”

DW: “Utility, and having fun dressing for the occasion. Right now maximalism, neon, bold patterns, and colors are really trendy for festivals.”

Joshua Madrid opted for mesh because of the heat.Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

Joshua Madrid, 35

About his look: “I’m not particularly fond of Crocs, but when I saw Balenciaga made the platform ones I fell super in love with them. But I’m not spending $800 for plastic shoes, so I bought mine for $30 on sale from a website called YRU. I shop mainly vintage and secondhand. I wanted to wear a little mesh because it is so hot today.”

What makes a good festival outfit? “Specifically in Chicago, it is weather related—it’s gonna be hot. So I try to think what’s gonna be the most comfortable. But I also like to stand out a bit.”

Credit: Isa Giallorenzo
Paul Yoo salvaged this hat from his father, a postal worker in the 80s.Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

Paul Yoo, 41

About his outfit:

“My hat used to belong to my dad, who was a postal worker in the 80s. When he immigrated from South Korea it was one of his first jobs. He was about to throw this hat away, but I salvaged it. It’s a nice conversation starter, and I wore it to Burning Man.

“My bag is a fun little reminder of my heritage.”

Credit: Isa Giallorenzo
Sean Burpee and Michael Andrews found comfort in a thrifted dress and a jumpsuit from the women’s section at Urban Outfitters.Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

Sean Burpee, 33, and Michael Andrews, 43

About their looks:

SB: “This [dress] was a fantastic thrift-store find. It’s been hot as hell for the past three days, and I wanted some air flow in my body. It’s bright, it’s fun, and it’s the one time I can wear something like this—and I love it!”

MA: “This is a ‘festival safari’ look: breezy, comfortable, open . . . I like playing with monochrome and then working from there. I got this jumpsuit at the women’s section at Urban Outfitters.”

What makes a good festival outfit?

SB: “A pop of color, comfort, and the ability to be cool—like, temperature cool. Just be comfortable in your own skin and show that off.”

Armani Barron models another thrift-store find.Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

Armani Barron, 27

About her look:

“My earrings are made by my friend Jane Georges under her moniker Oh And Also—she’s based here in Chicago. My dress is a thrift-store find. I just wanted to be happy!”

What makes a good festival outfit?

“Something you can dance in.”

Choya Webb repurposed the flowers in his headdress from an event he threw.Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

Choya Webb, 25

What’s behind your look?

“I like sustainable clothing—and borrowing things is important for that. I borrowed these flowers from an artist who did the design for an event I had a couple of weeks ago. I think that the only way for us to be impressive and keep innovating is just to keep borrowing stuff from each other, and lending, and sharing that energy. Everybody is inspiring everyone.

What makes a good festival outfit?

“Authenticity and fearlessness. Taking a new direction.”

The watchword for this father and daughter is comfort.Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

Gábor and Zel Hizó, 32 and five

About their looks:

GH: “Very clean—supermonotone but with pops of black and silver. I thought it was a nice futuristic kind of touch, as if there was a space crew that came out of a spaceship. The shoes are low-top Jordans. There are also some analog 80s things I have, like my old Casio watch and this Rico point-and-shoot camera. Styling is a bit trickier for Zel. We had this full-length tunic with this cool graphic splatter—that’s the black element for her. Then we got sparkly bands to match it up.

ZH: “I like white and black.”

What makes a good festival outfit?

GH: “Comfort. If you feel comfortable in something that is interesting, it just shows.” v