Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

“I always think of this coat and vest combination as being almost ‘ninja’ in feeling,” says Jenene Ravesloot, who was photographed while shopping at the Target store on Peterson Avenue in West Ridge. The 76-year-old poet was eager to show the intricate embroidery of her Danny Mansmith pieces—certainly not the only fun items in her wardrobe. “I do think it is important to dress with flair and a sense of humor,” she says. Ravesloot often pairs unique accessories like mink and pearl earrings with Levi’s and loves wearing suspenders as well as dresses. Her hair changes often; one day a mohawk, the next a bowl or pixie cut. As for her verse choices, Ravesloot is especially interested in form poetry—sestinas, sonnets, villanelles, and pantoums—and writes about everything from nature to noir. She co-hosts a poetry night with her husband, poet Tom Roby IV, on the first and third Friday every month at the Outdoor Cafe (3257 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.).  v