a person with magenta colored hair wearing a pink top and blue denim skirt with hot pink tote bag and shoes; they are standing on a sidewalk near a stretch of green grass
Sasha Smith Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

Clothing reseller Sasha Smith, 20, claims to dress like a “pink 2000s bimbo Harajuku ballerina.” She’s inspired by dolls, the Playboy universe, and the now-defunct Japanese street style magazine FRUiTS

The day she was photographed, Smith was headed to a hangout with a friend. She was covered head to toe in her favorite rosy hue, wearing a top sprinkled with hearts and a daring neckline. 

two feet wearing pink shoes
Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

Smith’s look was a harmonious mix of sweet and sexy vibes, in keeping with her daring yet cute aesthetic. Her style on that day was also evocative of Barbiecore, a current trend inspired by the Barbie doll. Not one to shy away from sensual pieces, Smith affirms she’s never been a modest person. “I feel most confident and comfortable when I’m not hiding my body under baggy clothes,” she says. “I wear what I want to make myself feel good.” 

a person holds a large weekender purse in hot pink with the Playboy bunny logo on it in white
The Playboy-themed weekender purse is a practical and colorful touch. Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

See more of Smith’s fearless style on Instagram at @bimbobunnystar