Glenn Sims and his brother Greg Sims pose in a library at the Kimpton Gray Hotel in Chicago
Glenn and Greg Sims photographed in Tote & Carry vests at the Kimpton Gray Hotel, November 2022 Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

“We got a lot of swagger. We don’t even have to open our mouths—they just see it,” said Greg Sims, 34. I met Greg and his twin brother Glenn when we attended “Champions of Success,” a panel discussion about the state of the fashion industry in Chicago that happened in November at the Kimpton Gray Hotel. The discussion was hosted by Michelle M. Collins, the president and founder of the consumer experience consultancy A Non-Agency. Guests at the event were an eclectic mix of local fashion professionals from all kinds of backgrounds. Most attendees were dressed to impress, but the Sims brothers were at least twice as stylish as everyone else. 

Long considered trendsetters by their crew, Glenn and Greg decided to capitalize on their remarkable sense of style in 2016. Together they created Dope Soulz, a lifestyle brand that encompasses fashion, art, and an upcoming podcast. Their clothing line includes customized T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, vests, bags, hats, socks, and other items. They mostly advertise their one-of-a-kind products via social media. Dope Soulz makes sales on Instagram and TikTok and also IRL at pop-up shops, group art shows such as the Pancakes & Booze series, or simply out of their vehicle’s trunk. The twins are adept at collaborating with other creatives and brands: the vests they were wearing at “Champions of Success” were part of a deal with Tote & Carry. 

Greg Sims: ““We like bright colors. You stand out more where you go, and you feel a little bit of that sunshine. You brighten other people’s days as well.” Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

Glenn and Greg develop their work in their tidy and colorful Bronzeville studio, filled with thrifted and upcycled decor that displays their vibrant aesthetic. “We like bright colors. You stand out more where you go, and you feel a little bit of that sunshine. You brighten other people’s days as well,” said Greg, who was wearing a neon-yellow hoodie and matching sneakers when I visited the studio. Glenn had a similar outfit on, with a few differences. 

“It’s just chemistry. We come together as a collaborative force,” said Greg. According to Glenn, though he and his brother are mostly in sync, Glenn has a streetwear and retro vibe, while Greg is a bit more interested in luxe. They don’t have that introvert/extrovert dynamic common to twins. Their mom said that they “take turns being extra.”

Dope Soulz baseball caps sit on a counter amongst the eclectic decor of the Dope Soulz studio in Bronzeville Credit: Isa Giallorenzo

Positivity, discipline, creativity, community, and entrepreneurship seem to be the name of the game for the Sims brothers. Those are some of the values they expect to impart with their Dope Soulz podcast, where they’ll interview guests such as the owner of a top-shelf whiskey brand and a sports agent who will talk about financial literacy. While they are still in the process of growing their business, Glenn and Greg double as instructors for the Chicago Park District. 

“We’re always around the community. I work with six-year-old tots, teenagers . . . all the way up to a veteran that just turned 91 and was one of the first Black baseball players,” said Glenn. “I’m always getting inspiration from different kinds of style and culture and definitely getting that leadership role from the elders,” he added, as he and his twin carve out a path to become leaders themselves.

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