Oh, great, it's insomnia o'clock again. Credit: Alexandra Gorn / Unsplash

At 5 PM Saturday, March 21, Governor J.B. Pritzker’s COVID-19 Executive Order No. 8, aka the Stay at Home order, took effect. Here’s a daily-ish journal of how Reader staff, our friends, family—and our pets—are spending our time.

Day 41: April 30

What we’re reading:

What we’re watching:

Where we’re planning our online shopping:

  • Bandcamp. The platform is donating its share of revenue to artists this Friday (We recommend these albums and many more!).

What super powers we’re developing:

  • The ability to accurately guess the time insomnia hits in the middle of the night within a 15-minute interval
  • The ability to make an entire pot of coffee disappear!
  • The ability to effectively communicate with animals and plants, or at least have a one-sided conversation
  • Mental telepathy (beats the hell out of Zoom!)
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