A vendor's display at the outdoor market at Swap-O-Rama in 2011. Credit: Salem Collo-Julin

At 5 PM Saturday, March 21, Governor J.B. Pritzker’s COVID-19 Executive Order No. 8, aka the Stay at Home order, took effect. Here’s a daily-ish journal of how Reader staff, our friends, family—and our pets—are spending our time.

Days 57 and 58: May 16 and 17

What we’re reading:

What we’re listening to:

Recent lucid dreams:

  • A wedding proposal from Henry Rollins; all of our friends and family are against it. He improbably offers me a giant engagement ring.
  • I’m trying to go to a weird movie theater that happens within several booths in the Swap-o-Rama on Ashland to watch a revival of The Seventh Seal. I don’t make it in because I’m missing a shoe and can’t find it on the ground in the parking lot.

What online livestream events we’re looking forward to: