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Winter Arts Preview

When we first started planning this special winter arts issue, there was reason for cautious optimism about live performances. But as December turned to January and the Omicron surge hit, several companies did what they’ve been doing for almost two years: they made new plans. Bridgette M. Redman profiles playwright Cat McKay, whose show Plaid […]

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Listen to Olin

With another disappointing Bears season having finally, mercifully, come to an end, the time has once again come for me to once again ask the burning question . . . No, not who the McCaskeys will hire as coach now that they’ve fired Matt Nagy, about a year after it was obvious he was the […]

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MAGA science

Having spent the better part of the last week closely following the showdown between CPS and its teachers, I’ve concluded there’s no way Mayor Lightfoot truly believes the positions she’s been taking. Not unless the mayor—who ran as a progressive—has suddenly transformed into a Chicago version of Ron DeSantis, ’cause the stuff she’s been spouting […]

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Good news, Dems

I’m happy to report a little good news as we head off into the new year—Donald Trump has endorsed Mary Miller in her race against Rodney Davis in the 15th Congressional District. I know you must be wondering why I think a Trump endorsement is good news. It’s because Davis and Miller are incumbent congresspeople […]

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Soak the suckers

In the days since a Cook County jury declared Jussie Smollett guilty, guilty, guilty I’ve been wondering how Republicans will use the verdict to squeeze even more money from the suckers and saps who finance the MAGA cause. This ongoing shakedown of MAGA by MAGA is something I know a lot about. As I receive […]