How does the Reader cover the coronavirus? It’s a question we started asking ourselves late last week as the city and state stepped up their responses—and the cancellation, postponement, and closure notices started pouring in from the entities we love most.

What would signature Reader coverage of a global pandemic look like? And what role could we play in ensuring the survival of the businesses, organizations, and nonprofits that make Chicago second to none?

You’ll find the answers inside. We have chosen to tell this rapidly changing story through people, the folks on our beats and in our lives, and we’re sharing their ideas for how to support them through this. Chicagoans are resilient and resourceful AF. We’re pros at coming together in a crisis. And when institutions fail us, we step in to look after our own.

If you have the resources, please consider supporting the folks whose stories you’ll read here. And if you’re in need of support, stay tuned for details about efforts we’re coordinating and putting together. As always, you can find more information here on our website.

We love you, Chicago. We’ll see you on the other side.   v