The Reader team channeling The Brady Bunch

What has the Reader staff been up to in isolation? Last Friday we had a virtual staff happy hour complete with drinking games pulled from Cosmo magazine. We’ve had marathon video chats with our loved ones that went on so long we could tell which one of our friends or relatives could take at least a minute out of their pandemic sheltering to dust (we won’t name names). We all finally made a list of “projects to do during a pandemic,” and checked off “make a list of projects to do during a pandemic.” It’s safe to assume that everyone is watching Tiger King. And we’re all continuing to put out a paper every week.

So first of all, thank you. It’s because of the support of our dedicated Reader readers that we’ve been able to last this long without talk of the “L” word (no, not that one, “layoffs”). And even though your financial donations are vital during this time, it’s about so much more than that. The tweets and e-mails and PDF downloads remind us that in these uncertain times, we’re still doing something that matters. That’s a sentiment that’s not only keeping us sane, but energizing us when every other new bit of information would have us running back to bed in tears. We remain dedicated to writing, editing, and publishing the unique and irreplaceable journalism we always have to make sure you, our readers, stay informed and entertained.

That being said, we still need your help. No one can say when (or if) things will get back to “normal.” For us, normal means bars and restaurants are reopened, events are rescheduled, and our advertisers are able to pick up the pieces to recover even before they can float some money to the Reader. This means we have to wait until large groups can gather to reschedule our own events, which have provided us with another key source of income. Without these revenue streams, the Reader team—which includes 30 part- and full-time employees and dozens of freelancers—remains vulnerable. If you are able, please continue donating, buying coloring books and other special publications and souvenirs (we’ve got more up our sleeves!), downloading the weekly PDF, reading and sharing our stories, and sending us love. We can only get through this if we all support each other. v