This 1812 cartoon reportedly inspired the term gerrymandering. C'mon, Dems, let's embrace our storied mapmaking history.
This 1812 cartoon reportedly inspired the term gerrymandering. C'mon, Dems, let's embrace our storied mapmaking history. Credit: Boston Centinel

With this weekend’s acquittal of Donald Trump by the U.S. Senate, the time has come for all fair-minded Americans to consider what to do about the Republican Party.

They aren’t really a party anymore. More like a cult that’s pledged allegiance to Trump.

Actually, not just Trump, but his whole family, even those who marry in. Like Lara Trump, who’s getting ready to run for senate in North Carolina.

Actually, not just family, but anyone who even worked for Trump. Like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who brags about winning Trump’s endorsement in her gubernatorial campaign in Arkansas.

It’s hard to argue with Republicans because they have no fixed principles—they’ll say whatever they have to say whenever they have to say it, even if it contradicts what they said the day before.

For instance . . .

They swear up and down that they’re against “cancel culture.”

And yet all over the country, censure-seeking Republican leaders are trying to “cancel” the Republican legislators who voted for Trump’s impeachment.

Including Congressman Adam Kinzinger, right here in Illinois.

They say they’re dedicated to law and order, and Blue Lives Matter.

And then they wave off as a triviality when MAGA storms the U.S. Capitol, leaving five dead—including a Capitol police officer.

And even one Trump lover who was whacking people on the head with a hockey stick. Who brings a hockey stick to a protest, anyway?

They say they believe in family values, and yet they’ve sworn allegiance to a philanderer who cheated on his wife by sleeping with a stripper just a few weeks after she gave birth to his son.

The wife, that is, not the stripper. Not aware of any stripper giving birth to Trump children.

Trump’s also accused of rape. E. Jean Carroll’s defamation trial against Trump—she claims he raped her—is still very much going on. Though I hope that with Merrick Garland about to take over as attorney general we, the taxpayers, will no longer be paying for Trump’s defense.

As was the case when William Barr was attorney general.

And now 43 Republican senators voted to acquit Trump.

I used to think they were motivated by fear of MAGA reprisals in Republican primaries. But many of these senators were recently reelected—which means they won’t come before the voters in a Republican primary until 2026. 

And some are geezers who may not run for reelection anyway. And some are both—geezers who were recently reelected. Looking at you, Mitch McConnell.

So now I’m starting to think that those Republican senators are afraid for their lives, having seen the guy with the hockey stick.

As with most cultists, the Republicans subscribe to a pervasive world view. Specifically, they’re never accountable for anything they do or say, no matter how evil, because it’s always somebody else’s fault. Such as . . .

The media. Black Lives Matter. Washington liberals. The radical left. Antifa. And so on . . .

Consider the recent case of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. For the last several years, she’s been promoting some vile, anti-Semitic, batshit-crazy views.

Including the notion that forest fires in California were ignited by solar lasers paid for by Jewish bankers.

When she was finally held accountable—by congressional Democrats, not Republicans—did she own up and take responsibility?


As with most Republicans, she blamed someone else. In this case, social media.

“I was allowed to believe things that weren’t true and I would ask questions about them and talk about them,” Greene said. “And that is absolutely what I regret.”

It’s almost enough to make me sorta feel sorry for Facebook. Think about it. For the last few years, Facebook’s been bending over backwards to appease MAGA that they’re really not biased against the right.

And so they’ve allowed MAGA to post pretty much any daffy hateful shit.

And then when Taylor Greene is finally held accountable (again, by Democrats, not Republicans), she blames the Facebooks of the world for allowing her to see the daffy, hateful shit she espouses.

God help it if Facebook were to more aggressively police their site from MAGA propaganda.

Then Taylor Greene—and the rest of MAGA—would be blasting Big Tech and “cancel culture” for being biased against the right.

Like I said—they have no principles. Only tactics.

So, what can we do?

For starters, how about a little creative mapmaking?

In the coming months, Illinois legislators will redraw our state legislative and congressional maps.

Already Fair Map advocates—well-intended but exceedingly naïve—are making the pitch to Indivisible groups to join their cause.

Hey, Indivisible: You’ve got to be too smart to fall for this nonsense.

Yes, in a perfect world, we’d have a nationwide Fair Map process.

But we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in the United States of America, in which one of the two major parties has turned over its soul to MAGA zealots.

So until Republicans give up gerrymandering in Wisconsin or Michigan, we should keep mapmaking under the control of Democrats here in Illinois. Thank you very much.

I’ll be writing more about this as time goes on. But to sum it up . . . if you want to undermine the reelection of Congresswoman Lauren Underwood or Congressman Sean Casten, or if you want to help Kevin McCarthy take over as speaker of the House. Join the Fair Map crusade to help more Republicans get elected to congress.

Look, Democratic activists—to beat the Republicans, you have to be a little like the Republicans.

In this case, spread Republican voters into districts that are controlled by Democrats or independents. That will effectively block MAGA cultists from getting elected.

And when the Republicans start sobbing about how unfair it all is, hand them a handkerchief.

Those crocodile tears are about as phony as all the other principles they profess to believe.  v