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Step right up, folks, to watch Mary Miller and Rodney Davis try to out-Trump each other in June. Credit: U.S. Congress

I’m happy to report a little good news as we head off into the new year—Donald Trump has endorsed Mary Miller in her race against Rodney Davis in the 15th Congressional District.

I know you must be wondering why I think a Trump endorsement is good news.

It’s because Davis and Miller are incumbent congresspeople running against each other in a Republican primary. Meaning no matter what—a Republican will lose. Hooray!

Moreover, Trump’s endorsement promises to turn up the heat in a race that will undoubtedly be a Republican civil war. And it’s always better for MAGA to be fighting each other as opposed to fighting the rest of us.

So, yes—more hooray!

Though, upon reflection, I’m not sure I used the correct word. As there will be nothing civil about this toxic showdown between Miller and Davis.

At this point, I’d like to give a shout-out to the Democratic legislative map drawers who had the foresight to redraw the congressional districts in such a way as to more or less force Miller to run against Davis.

Though, upon even more reflection, I wish the Dems had figured out how to draw all five  Republican congressional incumbents into one giant MAGA district where they’d run against each other. Maybe next time, Dems.

What they did was slick enough, as the Dems are finally catching on, doing to Republicans what Republicans have been doing to Dems in Texas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Florida, etc. That is, trying to gerrymander them out of existence.

OK, enough of the preamble—time to get down to the particulars, starting with Congresswoman Miller.

As you may recall, she is the MAGA partisan who made a name for herself by showing up at a Moms for America rally in Washington, D.C., on January 5 of last year.

At the rally, Congresswoman Miller gave a speech declaring, “Hitler was right.” A declaration that you’d think even a MAGA follower would know not to make, even if they believed it.

Her basic point is that America is locked in a battle for the future, which will be won by the side that most successfully brainwashes the children. Here’s her full quote . . .

“Each generation has the responsibility to teach and train the next generation. You know, if we win a few elections, we’re still going to be losing, unless we win the hearts and minds of our children. This is the battle. Hitler was right on one thing: he said, ‘Whoever has the youth, has the future.’ Our children are being propagandized.”

Apparently, she was alluding to a speech Hitler made in 1935 where he said: “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

In her speech at the rally, Congresswoman Miller got specific: “Fill your children’s minds with what is true, and right, and noble. And then they can overcome evil with good. Because they can actually discern between what is evil and what is good.”

Remember, her speech came at a Save the Republic rally dedicated to promoting a lie. In this case the lie being that Trump won, even though he lost the presidential election to Joe Biden.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter to Miller if you fill your children’s minds with lies.

In the aftermath, Miller sorta apologized, blaming lefties for twisting her words. But she hasn’t backed down from her assertion that Trump really won the election—which, one more time—he actually lost. 

She voted against certifying Biden as the winner. And voted against impeaching Trump for stirring up the invasion of the Capitol. And voted against creating the select committee to investigate the insurrection. And she wants to essentially kick Congresspeople Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger out of the Republican Party ’cause they’re participating in the congressional investigation.

In short, her mind is filled with blind allegiance to Trump.

In contrast, Davis is what currently passes for a “moderate” Republican. As he voted to certify the presidential election. Plus, he’s managed to get through life without ever declaring, “Hitler was right.” Man, the bar really is low for Republicans these days. 

The Democratic congressional mapmakers more or less created the 15th district to benefit Davis, hoping he’d run for reelection as opposed to running against Governor J.B. Pritzker.

It worked. And so J.B. still doesn’t have a “moderate” Republican running against him.

But then Miller decided to run in the 15th district—as opposed to the 12th district, where she now lives. (A congressperson need not live in the district they represent.) 

Whoever wins the June 28 primary will undoubtedly win November’s general election. So who will win in June?

Well, Davis has more campaign money than Miller. But Miller has Trump’s endorsement. That gives her the upper hand on the MAGA vote. And he or she who owns MAGA, gains the future—as you-know-who might put it.

Obviously, Trump is still mad at Davis for voting to certify the presidential election. After meeting with Congresswoman Miller at Mar-a-Lago, Trump gave her his blessing.

In his endorsement message, Trump praised Miller for fighting against “the radical indoctrination of our children.”

So, we’re sorta back to Miller’s Hitler quote.

In the aftermath of Trump’s endorsement, Davis is walking that fine line all “moderate” Republicans must tread.

He brags about his work “with President Trump during his time in office.”

And then in a roundabout way suggests he’s even Trumpier than Miller ’cause—follow me, folks—she is supporting the “never Trumper” ticket for governor.

That would be the ticket of Darren Bailey and Stephanie Trussell.

State senator Bailey, who’s running for governor, is hard-core MAGA. Trussell, his running mate, is newer to the Trump cult, having declared in 2016 she’d never vote for Trump.

It looks as though the June 28 primary will come down to whose head is further up Trump’s big, old behind. May the best brownnoser win.

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