John Catanzara
Johnny C has come to Mayor Lightfoot’s rescue with his oddball antics once again. Credit: YouTube

I was fired up to excoriate Mayor Lightfoot for her recent “fuckton” comments, when . . .

John Catanzara released a video of himself holding a sign that read: “John Catanzara for mayor 2023.”

And immediately I was overwhelmed with an urge to excoriate him. As Johnny C has come to Lightfoot’s rescue with his oddball antics once again. Don’t know what you’d do without him, Madame Mayor.

Is it just me, or does it seem like every time Mayor Lightfoot does something outrageous that’s guaranteed to fire up lefties like me, along comes Mr. Catanzara to top it? Making me feel that as bad as things are, they can always get worse. Sigh . . .

OK, let’s start with Catanzara . . .

Catanzara is president of the local Fraternal Order of Police and, as I like to point out, the maggiest MAGA man this side of Indiana.

I must concede that part of me sorta gets a kick out of his I-don’t-give-a-damn persona.

And, unlike most of my comrades in lefty land, I don’t have a knee-jerk opposition to the Fraternal Order of Police.

I fondly recall that for a brief moment back in 2009 they were on the front lines, opposing Mayor Daley’s hairbrained Olympics scheme.

Specifically, they didn’t think Mayor Daley should get his games until he settled their contract which, as always, he was dragging his feet on.

So when the International Olympic Committee came to town, the cops embarrassed the mayor by forming a protest line around City Hall. My hunch is the mayor got so pissed off that he sent in the police snoops to spy on the union—like he sent in the snoops to spy on the relatively tiny squadron of activists who opposed his games.

But that was a different batch of leaders at FOP. As I’ve explained before, the current crew has pledged their allegiance to all things MAGA and Trump.

As such, they have settled on the thoroughly illogical notion that it’s in their best interests to fight against getting a vaccine that would protect them from a deadly virus.

To this point, the New York Times recently ran a story documenting that about 460 American law enforcement officers have died “from Covid-19 infections tied to their work since the start of the pandemic.” That’s “more than four times as many” as “from gunfire in that period.”

And yet Catanzara has vowed to wage war against the mayor’s vaccine mandate. And now it’s turned into this gimme-liberty-or-gimme-death legal showdown with the people assigned to protect the public proclaiming a fundamental right to contaminate us with this disease.

When a judge ordered Catanzara to stop talking about the court case, he responded by releasing a video on YouTube that climaxes with him unveiling his mayor sign. Classic Catanzara.

Undoubtedly, he would be Lori Lightfoot’s dream matchup—a candidate so wacky that even lefties who despise Lightfoot’s policies might have to vote for her. With enemies like that, who needs friends?

Ordinarily, I’d be openly rooting for Lightfoot in this grudge match, except, as always, she seems determined to turn me off with her shameless hypocrisy.

As when she cluelessly posted on Twitter a photo of herself in all her maskless glory at Sunday’s Sky championship game. (By the way, congratulations Sky!)

Yes, the only maskless person in the picture is the very same mayor who’s asked that everyone wear a mask in indoor arenas unless they’re eating or drinking. Lightfoot’s doing neither.

Fox News has been slamming her ever since, and, in this case, they’re right. This is straight out of the Governor Newsom playbook.

Yes, yes, Lightfoot defenders, I know she’s vaccinated. But, as you know, you can still get and spread the virus if you’re vaccinated. Which is why the mayor asked that we wear masks indoors.

At the very least, she should have enough sense to wear a mask when she’s in the middle of a heated public battle with the police over mandates.

More COVID mixed messages from our mayor. Right up there with the one in which she urged folks to party down at Lollapalooza while the Delta variant was spreading.

And now onto “fucktongate” . . .

It occurred at the mayor’s recent closed-door meeting with members of the City Council’s Latino Caucus. Somehow the topic of reparations arose, which prompted Mayor Lightfoot to complain that she’s sick and tired of complaints from Black aldermen because “I’ve done a fuckton” for the Black community.

If you want to hear more details about the meeting, I urge you to check out my podcast conversation with Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, who was there.

Curious word—“fuckton.” I must confess I’d never heard it before. Not even sure how to spell it. Is it fuck ton? Fuckton? Or fuck-ton?

I could ask the mayor but knowing her, she’d probably tell me to fuck off.

In any event, it’s laughable to pretend that this mayor—like her two predecessors—has done much for the Black wards.

Especially when you consider that the single greatest source of economic development funds intended to benefit the poorest of the poor largely benefits already gentrifying white communities that don’t need it ’cause . . .

They’re already gentrifying!

That would be the TIFs, of course. So, if the mayor’s done a “fuckton” for anyone it would be Alderman Brian Hopkins’s north-side and very caucasian Second Ward, which is the beneficiary of a $1.3 billion handout for Lincoln Yards. That’s more TIF money than the mayor’s currently spending in the poor Black south- and west-side wards.

Yes, Lightfoot defenders, the Lincoln Yards handout was approved in the last meeting of Mayor Rahm’s reign. But Mayor-elect Lightfoot didn’t fight it. And, worse, she dispatched city lawyers to fight against the lawsuit filed by activists to end the deal. So, like it or not, she owns it.

Taking from the poor to give to the rich. Actually, sounds like a policy Mayor Catanzara would follow.