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I’m a smoker who’s decided it’s time to quit. But my boyfriend has a smoking fetish. He likes it when I smoke while we’re having sex; he likes to jerk off and watch me smoke; he likes me to smoke and give him oral sex at the same time. His porn collection is all smoking-related. I’ve really enjoyed participating in this fetish. However, I know I must quit. He’s suggested that I might be able to smoke on occasion, but I know I can’t. I’m an addict, and I know I won’t be able to have “just one” during sex. I’m worried that my boyfriend will lose interest when I quit. I know he loves me, but I’m worried that his fetish is strong enough to ruin our relationship if it’s not fulfilled. Can a guy get over his fetish? Is there a way to replace his need for smoking with something that won’t kill me? Or should I quit smoking and him at the same time? –Committed to Quitting

Guys don’t ever get over their fetishes, CTQ, so I would urge you to quit smoking and quit the boyfriend at the same time. However fond he is of you, your boyfriend’s smoking fetish predates your relationship, and I guarantee you it will postdate it. If you attempt to stay together after you’ve quit, your boyfriend will either sabotage your resolve or your relationship. One way or another he’s going to be with a smoker. If you’re serious about quitting, he’s not going to be with you. And if you find yourself tempted to take up smoking again to please him, just remind yourself no man is worth the risks. Cigarettes are vile, disgusting, and deadly. Everyone everywhere should stop smoking this instant.

Oh, and apropos of nothing: Shaunti Feldhahn (www.shauntifeldhahn.com), “a conservative Christian author and speaker, and married mother of two,” recently wrote an op-ed touting conversion therapy for homosexuals. I believe I speak for all gay people everywhere when I say that I’m sick to fucking death of listening to straight fundies yapping about how easy it is for other people to change their sexual orientations. Think it can be done, Shaunti? Then prove it, bitch, by putting your twat where your mouth is. After you convert your ass from hetero to homo, I’ll convert my ass from homo to hetero. Give me a call when you’re a carpet-munchin’, vag-fistin’ bull dyke–and bring the video, because I’m going to want proof before I give up ass-munchin’, butt-fuckin’ faggotry. Until then, shut your stupid fucking mouth.

My best friend is obsessed with a character from Yu-Gi-Oh! called Kaiba. She dresses up like him and even claims to have masturbated to the show. It might seem OK for a 10-year-old boy to be this into a show based on battling cards, but she’s a beautiful, intelligent 17-year-old girl. It’s pointless! She constantly complains that none of the real guys at our high school is as good as Kaiba. What can I do to help her? –Needs a Major Intervention

Your friend’s obsession is juvenile and retarded, NAMI, but I wouldn’t call it pointless. Like a lot of high school kids, she probably feels pressured to be sexually active. (Pressured by you, perhaps?) Some not-quite-ready-for-sex teenagers hide behind Jesus’s skirts when their friends ask why they’re not fucking, but nonreligious kids have to be a bit more creative. Some, like your friend, invent grand/tragic sexual obsessions that prevent them from dating mere mortals. Your friend doesn’t want you to think she’s unhip, or that she isn’t just dying to have sex, or that she isn’t heterosexual, so she’s convinced you (and perhaps herself) that she’s obsessed with Kaiba. And you know what? That’s just fine. Finding fault with all potential real-life boys is a way for her to avoid sexual experiences she’s not ready for. So just back off, kiddo, OK?

Apropos of nothing, part two: Joseph Nicolosi, a quack conversion therapist whom Feldhahn cites approvingly, has an interesting theory on how to make little boys straight: “[A father should] take his son with him into the shower, where the boy cannot help but notice that Dad has a penis, just like his, only bigger.” This is wrong on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin. I can’t recall ever showering with my dad, and I’m certain my dad didn’t drag my two older brothers into the shower and waggle his penis in their faces. (I asked.) And yet both my older brothers grew up to be straight. How’d that happen? And if exposure to great big cocks makes a guy straight, how come ten years’ worth of exposure to my boyfriend’s great big cock hasn’t made me straight?

I read your response to Guess It Isn’t Really Love, the woman who wanted to know if her boyfriend was gay because he had she-male porn on his computer, and I must say that you gave her a praiseworthy response. I couldn’t have said it better myself–and I’m a she-male, the gurl “straight” men go to after their female girlfriends go home. (Funny, a couple of these very same guys are trying to IM me as I type this.) People have a misconception that she-males have sex with gay men. We don’t. Men who are gay are attracted to men who represent men. Straight men are attracted to women, and some are attracted to she-males because we look like women. And yes, funnily enough, most of them want us for the dick. As much as they love their girlfriends or wives, their women will never be able to give them that.

Many of these men are deeply ashamed of this part of their sexuality. But if people understood the psychology of it, maybe that would help take the shame away. Hopefully one day we’ll reach a point where straight-lifestyle men aren’t ashamed to be seen with a she-male or to acknowledge that they have sex with she-males. Please continue to help create a better understanding of she-males and their straight admirers! –Samara Riviera

When I read your letter from NOSA, the man who asked whether it was OK to dump, via e-mail, a woman with whom he’d been having casual sex, I had to comment. A guy I’d been having NSA sex with dropped out of sight without warning and stopped answering my phone calls. My messages started with “Hi, how’s it going?” and progressed to “Are you OK?” Finally I called him at work (which I’d never done before). He was curt. Then he sent me a polite e-mail saying that he’d met someone else and had decided that he didn’t want to see anyone other than her.

If he’d just been adult enough to call and tell me, I would’ve been completely cool about it. I would even have considered having sex with him again if his new relationship didn’t work out. But now? Forget it. –Fucking Someone Else

Thanks for sharing, Samara and FSE.