Welcome to part three of Savage Love’s soon-to-be-award-winning series, “How Sleaze Is Lived in America.” (I would like to thank the Pulitzer Prize committee in advance for their consideration.) In this week’s installment, Kinked-Out Sleazy Meetings, we’ll hear from kinky people who met their kinky true loves doing, uh, kinky things. As any normal person can tell you, finding a physically, intellectually, and emotionally compatible lover can be difficult. For a pervert, the search for true love is even more difficult: physical, intellectual, and emotional compatibility are not enough. The poor pervert also has to find a lover who shares his or her kinks and perversions.

I was introduced to the love of my life by her then boyfriend. I’m a lesbian, and I’d sworn never to date a bisexual woman. But I saw her around different leather events and thought she was super hot, with her curvy little body, but she affected this bored attitude, and I assumed she was dumb. Besides, I had the “no bi chicks” rule. We both ended up at the International Ms. Leather contest. She was skipping around dressed like a little girl. She said hi. I said, “Didn’t your daddy tell you not to talk to strangers?” She replied, “Yes, but I know you, so it’s OK” in an innocent, trusting voice.

When we got back home I asked her to lunch, but told her not to wear any panties. As our date approached, I started to feel guilty. She was juggling relationships with both a man and a woman and didn’t need me hitting on her too. So I called her the morning we were to meet and told her she didn’t have to come to lunch without panties and that I’d be happy to keep things platonic. She replied, in her good-southern-girl-gone-bad drawl, “I’d be happy to put some on if I had any with me.” At lunch I tried to be a gentlebutch, but she was just too adorable. As soon as we’d eaten, I exercised the supreme prerogative of homosexuality: being able to fuck in public rest rooms since you can both enter the same rest room without arousing suspicion.

We’ll be married next spring. I adore her. Now I’m looking for someone in the NYC area to help us realize a fantasy of having a guy help me use her. Interested readers can get in touch with me at MsDaddy2U@hotmail.com. Perhaps I’ll have another “met sleazy” story to share with you next year, Dan.

—Her Heart Belongs to Daddy

I met my girlfriend of four years through my wife. My wife decided we should have threesomes to explore her bisexuality. We had several, with various women, and soon it was rarely just us in bed. My wife eventually mentioned that she was interested in having a threesome with her best friend, Gertrude. I felt an extreme attraction toward Gertrude but never acted on it due to the fact Gertrude was married, I was married, and she was best friends with my wife. Eventually the opportunity to ask Gertrude if she would be interested in trying something “kinky” came up, and she jumped at the chance. Gertrude came up to visit us for a week. After all the threesomes we’d had, I thought I would be able to keep my feelings for Gertrude in check. But by the third night I was crawling out of bed to go sleep with Gertrude, and by the end of her stay we had expressed our feelings for one another. As soon as Gertrude left, I confessed to my wife, who quickly became my ex-wife. Gertrude divorced her husband, and we’ve been together ever since.

—Happy Together

I have been into guys in drag since I was nine years old. (Damn you, Bugs Bunny!) I tried to get previous boyfriends to dress up for me, with no luck. So I started hunting around on the Internet for a hetero male cross-dresser who wasn’t interested in a sex change or taking hormones. Basically, a guy who only wanted to dress up on the weekends or special occasions. I came across “Amanda’s” Web page and was amazed. He was sure of his sexuality, sure of his gender, and he was (and is!) drop-dead gorgeous.

I wound up moving from the U.S. to Canada to marry this man. My hubby looks stunning in girl mode, but also very cute in male mode. We have a great relationship and a lot of things in common besides the cross-dressing. And it doesn’t hurt that he gave me my first-ever “real” orgasm. We usually just tell people we met on-line, because it would “out” us too much to go into details. Only our really close friends know the truth.

—He Enjoys Being a Girl

My boyfriend is 28 and I am 46. We have been together for two years. This is how we met: It was three years after my divorce and I wanted sex, but I didn’t want another husband or a partner. I read an article in Cosmo about a male student who made money “prostituting” himself to straight women. He had a Web site, met ladies in hotels, and charged quite a lot, but I reckoned I could afford it. So I got to work searching the Net for similar sites and eventually found a young man in my area. We exchanged several E-mails and phone calls: I needed to find out if he was someone I would feel safe enough with to be intimate.

We met, had dinner, and got on fine–so fine, in fact, that I abandoned the hotel idea and took him back to my house. I had a sexual experience that was better than any I had experienced before. In the morning I fed him breakfast, paid him, and sent him on his way. Nothing was said about meeting again. The following week he E-mailed me to say he would be willing to give me a free session. I accepted, we had a great time, and in the morning he told me that he had decided to give the escort business up and asked if I would be his lover. I said yes. We don’t live together, but I don’t want to, and are both entirely happy with the arrangement. –Love For Sale

The night my boyfriend and I met, I had plans to go out with a friend who canceled at the last minute. I decided to go to a place where I had always wanted to go, so I headed to the Lure, the premiere leather bar in New York. I was having a pretty good time, talking to several guys who were dressed pretty hard-core, when fate walked in. Fate was wearing black leather pants, no shirt, and a baseball cap. After some idle talk, we made our way to the back of the bar for a make-out session. Soon we went back to his apartment, where there was blindfolding (with socks), spanking (not too hard), and a little bondage. I spent the night, and he walked me to my subway stop and we exchanged numbers. Three years later we are still going strong and are completely crazy about each other.

—Doing What Comes Unnaturally

Next week in Savage Love: “How Sleaze Is Lived in America,” part four. We’ll hear from those super-sleazy gay men who met their true loves in bathhouses, sex clubs, and public toilets. Ah, romance!

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