Credit: unsplash/@edwinhooper

This week we here at the Reader faced something we haven’t had to deal with in months: in-person events. It started an interesting discussion—if we don’t feel comfortable sending our critics to cover, say, Judy and Liza at the Greenhouse Theater, should we tell our readers to check it out? While some of us pondered adding disclaimers to events—things like “we do not think this is a good idea” and “ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING?!?!” were thrown out there—it’s not fair to the venues who are just trying to make ends meet, venues that we very much want to survive. It’s not fair to the artists who, like so many of us, just want to go back to doing what they do best. And it’s not fair to you, our readers, who are able to make up your own minds about how to deal with this—say it with me, everybody—unprecedented time.

So we will continue to list these events as the world continues to open up, and we already have reporters talking to venues, movie theaters, art galleries, comedy clubs, restaurants, and more about what reopening looks like for them and the precautions being taken. We’ll also continue to highlight streaming events and fundraisers that allow you to support the establishments and staff of these places from the comfort of your own home. It might be a minute before you see a friendly Reader face out at any of these events because we are choosing to follow the advice of early COVID-19 by staying home to save lives, at least for now. If we don’t go to shows now, the sooner we can all feel comfortable squeezing ourselves into a crowd at a concert or art opening or Judy and Liza again.   v