101 Reykjavik

What happens when Hlynur, a nerdy Icelandic guy, has a one-night stand with his lesbian mother’s fiancee that may have got her pregnant? Baltasar Kormákur’s 2000 feature doesn’t deliver the arctic circle weirdness of the Kaurismaki brothers or the sexual shenanigans of Almodovar, but it does have some good moments. It’s at its best when exploring Hlynur’s loser lifestyle at home with mom or his cruising through the pickup bars of Reykjavik, where he finds someone he can treat worse than the local jocks treat him. The introduction of Spanish actress Victoria Abril as his mother’s hot-to-trot lover screams of coproduction quotas; she injects a jarring dose of Mediterranean heat just when the comedy seems to be finding its own deadpan Icelandic way. The earnest emphasis on the mother’s coming out and the schematic, politically correct resolution don’t help. In English and subtitled Icelandic and German.