Fast-moving and formally adventurous, Jerzy Skolimowski’s Polish drama (2015) begins with a quintet of selfie videos, captured on phones, laptops, and closed-circuit TV, that introduce five different characters; after that a more omniscient perspective takes over, and the characters’ lives intersect as Skolimowski follows each through the same 11-minute time span. The best story line involves a sexy actress (Paulina Chapko) fending off the advances of an American film director (Richard Dormer) in a plush hotel room while her violent boyfriend (Wojciech Mecwaldowski) searches every floor of the building for them. None of the other stories has been developed as fully as this one, but Skolimowski’s technique is impressive: the overlapping narratives are expertly handled, and the points of intersection can be dazzling. In English and subtitled Polish.