In France, any person involuntarily committed to a mental hospital is entitled to a judicial hearing within 12 days. Raymond Depardon, best known in the U.S. for his documentary The 10th District Court: Judicial Hearings, shot dozens of these sessions by special arrangement with the court, and his film singles out ten of these lost souls as they try to explain themselves to a “liberty and custody” judge. One subject spontaneously punched a stranger on the street, another compulsively interrupts the judge, and yet another claims that he hears “the voice of the electric chair.” More often, however, the patients seem lucid and self-knowing; one even agrees to her treatment, admitting, “I’m an open wound.” One might say the film is illuminating in its opacity: one comes to it expecting bold insights into mental illness but leaves with a new appreciation of how invisible such illness can be. In French with subtitles.