Following a global epidemic that has eradicated most of humanity, time travel becomes the only hope of mankind’s survival; a volunteer (Bruce Willis) returns to 1990s Philadelphia to find the source of the epidemic, but he’s promptly locked away as a madman. Before making this 1995 film Terry Gilliam hadn’t even seen La Jetee (1962), the innovative half-hour SF masterpiece by Chris Marker that served as the basis for David and Janet Peoples’s script. This grungy thriller merely takes over the story, though it’s a haunting enough tale in its own right. While all of Gilliam’s movies are worth seeing, there’s a fair amount of his designer grimness here mixed in with the cabaret comedy. Brad Pitt has fun with his secondary part as a pontificating lunatic, but I wish I’d enjoyed the rest of the cast more. With Madeleine Stowe and Christopher Plummer.