In Julie Delpy’s screwball comedy 2 Days in Paris (2007), a Frenchwoman living in New York (Delpy) brings her neurotic boyfriend (Adam Goldberg) home to meet her fractious family; in this sequel the family returns the favor, dropping in on her in Brooklyn, though by this time she’s with a new guy (Chris Rock) who has to tolerate their uninhibited behavior. Replacing Goldberg with Rock was a smart move: with all the best lines and reaction shots, the boyfriend is the comic engine, and the second movie benefits from the oil change. Some of Delpy’s ideas crash and burn—the fruity puppet shows summarizing the action, the dumb in-joke cameos from Daniel Bruhl and Vincent Gallo—but the cloistered scenes of Rock clashing with the family have a go-for-broke energy that elevates this above the original. With Albert Delpy (the filmmaker’s father), Alexia Landeau, and Alexandre Nahon.