A young bohemian in LA discovers that she’s pregnant and marries her devoted boyfriend, but a sonogram at 20 weeks brings news that the baby could be at risk of various genetic abnormalities. Waiting for the results of an amniotic test, they debate whether or not to abort. This indie drama from writer-director Leena Pendharkar represents a big advance over her 2010 debut feature, Raspberry Magic, in its careful observation of the messy relationship: the couple’s romance was never that solid in the first place, and the more the husband argues to terminate the pregnancy, the more his high-minded humanity begins to seem like a simple case of cold feet. The movie suffers from its fussy narrative structure, with serial flashbacks and one perplexing flash-forward, but Anna Margaret Hollyman drives the story with a smart, layered performance as the expectant mother. With Amir Arison and Michelle Krusiec.