4 Days in France

Acting on a whim, a professor in Paris sets out to explore the provinces; his abandoned boyfriend follows after him, and on the road both men engage in lots of sex with strangers. This meandering 2016 drama, the debut feature of writer-director Jérôme Reybaud, feels like a queer, 21st-century update on Wim Wenders’s road movies of the 1970s (Alice in the Cities, Kings of the Road, Wrong Move). Whereas Wenders’s characters often feel isolated, Reybaud’s connect easily with others, using the Internet and their own charisma to forge bonds (both sexual and fraternal) with people unlike themselves. But as in the Wenders films, a desire for independence overwhelms any lasting sense of connection. At nearly two and a half hours, the film feels a little overlong, but the acute sense of transience makes a strong impression. In French with subtitles.