45 Years

Kate and Geoff Mercer (Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay) have spent most of their lives together; having weathered their share of adversity, including Geoff’s heart attack a few years back, these retired spouses aren’t easily fazed. But at the start of Andrew Haigh’s stellar drama 45 Years, they learn that the body of Geoff’s former girlfriend, Katya, has been found on the Swiss mountainside where she perished in a 1962 hiking accident. Geoff told Kate about the tragedy decades earlier, and the dead lover has receded in their memories. But now the snow over the glacier crevasse where she was entombed has melted, revealing her perfectly preserved. Climate change is particularly appropriate as a plot device here: the receding glacier exposes not only the corpse but also nagging doubts and messy emotions, just in time for the Mercers’ upcoming 45th wedding anniversary. Continue reading >>