Credit: <i>7 Chinese Brothers</i>

Writer-director Bob Byington showed potential as a social satirist with his provocative 2008 indie RSO (Registered Sex Offender), but this slacker comedy lacks any such venom. Jason Schwartzman—costarring with his own bulldog, Arrow—plays a schlemiel who loses his job at a Buca di Beppo restaurant and hires on instead at an auto-lube place, where he falls for no-nonsense manager Eleanore Pienta. Schwartzman supplies a steady stream of patter, but it feels shticky and doesn’t always intersect with the lackadaisical story, which also involves the hero’s tart-tongued grandmother (Olympia Dukakis) and the assisted-living attendant who cares for her (Tunde Adebimpe). Writer-director Alex Ross Perry (The Color Wheel) shows up for a very funny scene near the end, as a sardonic motorist who tangles with the hero; for a moment the movie sparks to life. With Stephen Root and Alex Karpovsky.