The great Iranian filmmaker, who died in July 2016, appears in casual, unguarded moments captured on video by his collaborator Seifollah Samadian. Kiarostami shoots video footage of geese on a beach and repairs to the studio to record the Foley work, flapping his own shirt into a microphone to simulate wings; he creates an art installation for which giant blowups of his nature photography are assembled to represent the surfaces of a forest; and he returns to the countryside where he shot Through the Olive Trees (1994), making a shy, affectionate visit to actress Tahereh Ladanian. The episodes come from various points in Kiarostami’s late career and are strung together with the sort of wandering spirit he brought to his own dramas; they reveal a man of boundless imagination, though only hard-core fans are likely to stick it out to the end credits. In Persian with subtitles.